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1st FMD Roadmap Meeting for West Africa

Where: Lomé, Togo
When: 7-8 September 2016


The meeting in West Africa was the first FMD roadmap meeting since the development of the global strategy in 2012. The FMD roadmap meetings are aimed for sharing information on FMD virus circulation in the region, assessing the progress of each country along the Regional Roadmap and assisting them in preparing their national control programmes, project proposals and submissions to OIE for programme endorsement.

The meeting wad held under the GF-TADs umbrella, within the regional framework of RESOLAB/RESEPI and coordinated by FAO and OIE. The Roadmap was conducted in collaboration with USDA APHIS, Dakar, and technical support from EuFMD, and will be partly funded by the FAO component of the USAID-funded EPT-2 program. The meeting was hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture of Togo.


  1. To provide training on PCP-FMD principles and implementation;
  2. To assess the current FMD control status of Western African countries;
  3. To draft the strategy (Roadmap) for regional FMD control in Western Africa between 2016 and 2025, using the principles of the Progressive Control Pathway for FMD (PCP-FMD);
  4. To share information on FMD virus circulation within the Western African FMDV ecosystem to assist planning of control measures.

Outcomes and outlook

  • The Meeting should clarify the current regional FMD situation;
  • The Meeting should help in assessment of the control efforts made in the region to control FMD;
  • The discussion should assist the countries to better prepare and improve their national control programmes and to plan FMDV control measures in 2016-2017;
  • The outcomes of the discussion should assist in preparing mid or long term action plans for FMD control.




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