A methodology for characterizing dairy marketing systems

Table of Contents

Market-Oriented Smallholder Dairying Research - Working Document 3

Mohammad A. Jabbar
Emmanuel Tambi
Gary Mullins

International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI)
P.O. Box 30709
Nairobi, Kenya

March 1997

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Table of Contents


1. Introduction

1.1 Dairy production and marketing in the developing countries
1.2 Specific features of dairy in relation to marketing in developing countries
1.3 Dairy marketing research at ILRI: background and objectives

2. A conceptual framework for market analysis

2.1 Definition market and marketing
2.2 Approaches to measure marketing efficiency
2.3 Characterizing dairy marketing systems

3. Steps in the characterization of a dairy marketing system

3.1 Formulate research questions and hypotheses
3.2 Determine the methods of analysis
3.3 Determine the information to he collected
3.4 Identify the sources of information
3.5 Determine the method of data collection for each source
3.6 Develop field instruments
3.7 Coding and management of data
3.8 Data analysis

4. Summary



ANNEX 1: Key Informant Interviews to collect Information about a Milkshed
ANNEX 2: A sample questionnaire for dairy marketing survey
ANNEX 3: Coding Plan for Data Collected Through Key Informant Interviews