Dairy production systems in the tropics: A review

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P.N. de Leeuw, A. Omore, S. Staal and W. Thorpe.

International Livestock Research Institute, PO Box 30709, Nairobi, Kenya

This review paper was-written as a chapter for a book on Smallholder Dairying in the Tropics (edited by Professors Lindsay Falvey and Charan Chantalakhana). The book is expected to be published later in 1998.

The pre-publication of the review in this Working Document series is aimed at making it available for early comment from research and development scientists and advisers who work in support of Market-Orient Smallholder Dairy (MOSD) in the tropics and sub-tropics. The comments will serve to guide ILRI's MOSD research.

Your comments can be sent to: Dr W Thorpe, MOSD Project Co-ordinator, ILRI, P O Box 30709, Nairobi, Kenya. Email: w.thorpe@cgnet.com

Publications in this Working Document series include methodologies for, as well as results of; Market-Oriented Smallholder Dairy research conducted by ILRI scientists and associates. This series is published informally to enable early dissemination of research outputs. It Is as not been prepared in accordance with the formal publication procedures of ILRI. Comments are welcome.

Other publications in this series are:

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Table of Contents

1.1 Introduction

1.2 Global overview of tropical dairy production

1.3 Dairy production systems in sub-Saharan Africa

1.4 Dairy production systems in Asia

1.5 Dairy production systems in Latin America

1.6 Conclusions