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The Panel wishes to sincerely thank the Directors General and the management and staff of CIAT, IBPGR, IITA, IFPRI, ISNAR, IRRI, and WARDA for the kind hospitality and the excellent support provided during the course of the review. We are also grateful to the Directors and representatives of the national research systems of Brazil, Colombia and China as well as those visited by Panel members in association with the reviews of IRRI and WARDA for their contributions to this review. The Panel is also grateful to David Bell, Chairman of the IRRI External Review and Declan Walton, Chairman of the WARDA External Review for useful interactions during the course of the review. Thanks are also due to several staff of the CGIAR Secretariat who generously gave time to meet with the Panel and provide whatever support that was necessary. We are, in particular, grateful to Alexander von der Osten, Executive Secretary of the CGIAR, Selcuk Ozgediz, Management Advisor, Don Plucknett and Michael Collinson, Science Advisors, Ravi Tadvalkar and Jean-Pierre Jacqmotte, Senior Finance Officers, and Gordon McNeil, Finance Officer. Lowell Hardin shared with the Panel his many years of experience in the CGIAR System and his wisdom and insights were very beneficial. Luis Sanint provided the Panel with an excellent background paper on rates of return to rice research in developing countries which proved very useful in our deliberations.

The Panel is very grateful to Marie de Lattre, Manager for International Organizations at CIRAD who provided a wealth of helpful information about the past and current involvement of France in rice research for developing countries. Sir Ralph Riley, Chair of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the Rockefeller Biotechnology Network and who chaired the Third External Review of IRRI, was very helpful to the Panel. Amir Kassam, Senior Officer, and Madeleine Shearer, Editor/Research Assistant in the TAC Secretariat provided considerable support in the compilation and analysis of data. The logistical arrangements made by Marioara Lantini, Programme Assistant and Irmi Braun-Castaldi, Programme Clerk, at the TAC Secretariat are gratefully acknowledged.

Finally, we wish to extend our warmest thanks to the Director General and staff of ILRAD in Nairobi where this report has been produced. The logistical arrangements were superb and the Panel has greatly appreciated the warm hospitality and the friendship it has received. The Panel is particularly grateful to the Director General, Ross Gray and his wife Maureen, the Director of Administration, Koen Geerts and his wife Lola, Michael Craig, Business Administrator, Jim Scott, Computer Manager, and Janepher Owino, Housing Officer and her staff.

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