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Session 1 - Introduction and leveling of expectations of participants

Topic: Introduction and Levelling of Expectations of Participants
Duration: 30 minutes

At the end of this session, the participants should:

(i) know each other by name and occupation;
(ii) feel free to learn with and from each other;
(iii) know the broad objectives of the course.

Target Groups:
All participants.

Training Materials:


a) The trainer should first of all introduce himself/herself and any assistants.
Trainers expected to come later on during the course should be mentioned during this session.

b) The participants should then be asked to introduce each other by giving at least the following details:

(i) Name;
(ii) Occupation/profession;
(iii) Residence.

c) The trainer should ask the participants to enable them to discuss the following:

(i) How they came to be attending the course - e.g., who invited them;
(ii) What they were told about the course;
(iii) What they expect to gain out of the course.

d) The trainer should, all along, try to encourage the participants to speak their minds freely, crack jokes, etc. to unfreeze them.

e) At the end of the session, he/she should tell them that the main aims of the course are:

(i) To enable the target group to learn the basic biology and ecology of the Greater Grain Borer;

(ii) To enable the target group to appreciate the extent of damage and loss that may be caused by the beetle;

(iii) To introduce each category of the target group to the various control methodologies applicable by them;

(iv) To motivate all target groups to get actively involved in the control of the beetle.

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