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Evaluation functions as part of overall oversight in FAO, along with external audit, internal audit, inspection and investigation.

The Office assures the effective operation of the evaluation system in the Organization. It also plays an active role in UN System inter-agency discussions for strengthening and harmonizing evaluation approaches and criteria. All FAO evaluations, management responses and follow-up reports are available to the public through this website

Our Tasks

  • dynamic development of the Organization's evaluation system;
  • evaluating the technical, analytical, information, advisory and norm setting programmes of the Organization;
  • maintaining a comprehensive data bank on the findings of evaluations;
  • disseminating the findings of evaluation and reporting to the Governing Bodies;
  • promoting and facilitating feedback from evaluation for Organizational learning and improvement;
  • providing a technical resource for member countries on programme and project monitoring and evaluation.

Latest Evaluation Reports

Our evaluation library contains over 600 downloadable documents and reports from 2000 to the present. Our latest evaluation reports are below.

For any enquiry on our reports, please contact us.

Latest evaluation report


Ongoing Major Evaluations