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Thursday, 19 July

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FAO and the Natural Resources Institute Finland sign memorandum of understanding
An MoU was signed between FAO and the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) that focuses on the provision of joint support to strengthen capacities in the sustainable and integrated management of natural resources.

Forest producer organizations can play vital role in design and delivery of social protection  
Forest producer organizations could play a key role in the delivery and development of social protection programmes according to two new FAO Forestry Working Papers released at a World Forest Week side event at FAO headquarters in Rome.

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A diagnostic on social protection needs and opportunities for forest-dependent communities in the United Republic of Tanzania

This study is aimed at gaining an understanding of the poverty and vulnerability situation of forest-dependent communities in the United Republic of Tanzania and generating information on the availability of social protection interventions, with a view to identifying pathways for establishing sustainable social protection for these communities. 

Strengthening National Forest Monitoring Systems for REDD+

The guidelines provide principles, elements and best practices for the establishment and implementation of a multipurpose National Forest Monitoring System and aim to strengthen the elements and guidelines provided in the Voluntary Guidelines on National Forest Monitoring in the context of Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+).

The role of forest producer organizations in social protection

This study reviews the literature on the provision of social protection by forest producer organizations, with a specific focus on their role and practices, the types of benefits they provide, the factors that may enhance or hinder the provision of benefits and the opportunities for taking advantage of these organizations to expand social protection coverage in marginalized communities. 

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