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Tuesday, 17 July

Read an editorial by Hiroto Mitsugi, Assistant Director-General, Forestry Department

Forests and trees: Pathways to sustainable development
Millions of people depend on forests for food and income, but forests also soak up 2.6 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide each year, a third of the total CO2 released from burning fossil fuels.

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Maximizing the benefits of urban forests and trees for sustainable development
Sustainable management of urban forests and green spaces makes cities and their inhabitants more resilient to climate change and helps to achieve the global sustainability goals. 

Smallholder production a powerful tool to achieve sustainable global development
The gross annual value of smallholder production worldwide is some 60 percent greater than that of the world’s 10 largest food companies combined, demonstrating the significance of small producers, said a report launched Tuesday.

International Day of Forests photo contest winner recognized at COFO 24
Edwin Loyola of the Philippines was recognized at the 24th Session of the Committee on Forestry for his winning entry in the 2018 International Day of Forests photo contest. 

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