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Wednesday, 10th April 2019 from 13.00 to 14.00, Sheikh Zayed Centre

Assessment of FAO by MOPAN


About the event:

MOPAN is a network of 18 countries who share a common interest in assessing the effectiveness of the major multilateral organizations they fund, including UN agencies, international financial institutions and global funds. The MOPAN Review 2017-18, assessed FAO’s performance for the third time since 2011. The assessment found that FAO has strengthened its performance comparing to 2014 and 2011 results, and presents an overall positive picture of the organization, while recommending specific areas for improvement as well as advancing on few technical agendas.


The overall purpose of the side-event is to provide an opportunity to present the key findings of the assessment carried out by MOPAN in 2017-18, with a specific focus on areas where FAO has strengthened its performance since the last assessment in 2014, as well as areas recommended for improvement in the future.

Agenda (One hour)

    1. Introduction and presentation of main findings
      by Mr Daniel Gustafson; The Deputy Director-General (Programmes)

    2. Brief  presentation on specific areas for improvement
      by Ms Beth Crawford, Director of Office of Strategic Planning

    3. Question and answers from the floor

Responsible office:

Office of the Deputy Director-General Programmes (DDP)


By the Deputy Director-General (Programmes), Mr Daniel Gustafson, and Director of OSP, Ms Beth Crawford


English, French, Spanish



Link to the report:


Twitter hashtag:

#CL161; @MOPANnetwork