Future of Food


David Salt
Professor of Genome Enabled Biology, School of Biosciences, University of Nottingham
David Salt is a Professor of Genome Enabled Biology in the School of Biosciences. His research focuses on the molecular mechanisms that plants use to take up and accumulate the essential mineral nutrients that they need for normal growth and development. He is also interested in how plants mistakenly accumulate potentially toxic trace elements.
Gaetana Ferri
Director General of Food Hygiene, Safety and Nutrition, Ministry of Health, Italy
Gaetana Ferri is the Director General for Food Hygiene and Safety and Nutrition and Chief Food Safety Officer (CFSO) of Italy. She graduated cum laude in Veterinary Medicines with a specialization in Inspection of food of animal origin and Microbiology. She began her career as a veterinary officer responsible for prophylaxis in 1980 and the following year she entered the Italian Ministry of Health, first as Executive Director and in 2006 as Director General. She has dealt with issues of prophylaxis of animal infectious diseases, identification of animals and milk quota system, veterinary medicines, and animal nutrition. She has held several positions as a member of Italian official delegations on mission to other countries and OIE, as national expert in the European Union, the WHO and the Council of Europe as well as in EU inspection missions in Third Countries. She was Project Leader in twinning projects in the veterinary health sector, funded by the European Commission, for the achievement of the community acquis in Slovenia, Poland, Lithuania, Israel and Algeria. She has served as representative of the Ministry of Health in ACCREDIA since 2012, Chairman of the Animal Health Law Working Group at the EU Council (2014), Director General of Collegial Bodies for Health Protection, Secretary General of the Consiglio Superiore di Sanità (CSS), and as Director General of Communication and of European and International Relations. She is the author of scientific and regulatory publications on veterinary topics in national and international journals, and has taught in several Italian universities.
Grace S. Marquis
Associate Professor, School of Human Nutrition, McGill University

Grace S. Marquis is Associate Professor at McGill University and Associate Professor/Collaborator at Iowa State University.  Her research career began in Peru at the Instituto de Investigación Nutricional. In 1999, her research group started working in Ghana. These long-term collaborations continue today.  The work in Ghana is primarily through the Nutrition Research and Training Centre

Guido Girardi
Senator, Senate of the Republic of Chile

Medical Doctor and graduate of the Universidad de Chile, Senator serving the City of Santiago, Author of the Chilean Nutritional Labeling and Advertising Law, a model initiative in the Americas region and across the globe, and Specialist in public health, environment and science, technology and innovation. Girardi has been the driving force behind multiple issues, including medical patient rights, pharmacological regulation, the Universal Donor Law, tobacco laws, food loss and food waste norms

Hilal Elver
Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food.

Since 2014, Ms. Hilal Elver has served as the Special Rapporteur on the right to food, responsible for carrying out the right to food mandate as prescribed by the United Nations Human Rights Council, with the assistance of her team. Hilal Elver is an international law professor and a Global Distinguished Fellow at the UCLA Law School Resnick Food Law and Policy Center; she is also as a research professor at the UC Santa Barbara

Jessica Fanzo
Bloomberg Distinguished Associate Professor, Director of Global Food & Agricultural Policy and Ethics and Policy Program, John Hopkins University

Jessica Fanzo PhD is the Bloomberg Distinguished Associate Professor of Global Food and Agriculture Policy and Ethics at the Berman Institute of Bioethics, the Bloomberg School of Public Health, and the Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) at the Johns Hopkins University in the USA. From 2017 to 2019, she served as the Co-Chair of the Global Nutrition Report and … 

José Graziano da Silva
Director-General, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
José Graziano da Silva has worked on food security, rural development, and agriculture issues for over 30 years, most notably as the architect of Brazil’s Zero Hunger (Fome Zero) programme and now as the Director-General of FAO. Graziano da Silva led the team that designed the Zero Hunger programme, and, in 2003, was charged by then-President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva to implement the programme as Special Minister of Food Security and the Fight against Hunger. He headed the FAO Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean from 2006 to 2011. Elected Director-General of FAO, he took up office on 1 January 2012. After his first term from 1 January 2012 to 31 July 2015, Graziano da Silva was re-elected for a second 4 year-term (1 August 2015 to 31 July 2019) with the votes of 177 countries during FAO's 39th Conference. At the helm of FAO, Graziano da Silva has sharpened the Organization’s strategic focus; and is strengthening its field presence. He is also working to instill a best value-for-money culture. At the international level, he is working to build consensus on food security-related issues. He has also encouraged closer cooperation with development partners, supports South-South cooperation, and has increased collaboration with civil society and private sector entities, including farmer organizations and cooperatives for smallholder producers.
Justin Macmullan
Advocacy Director, Management Team Member, Consumers International

Justin spearheads Consumers International’s advocacy efforts, including our digital change agenda and the management of our work on food safety and nutrition, sustainable consumption and consumer justice and protection. In recent years Justin has led Consumers International’s contribution to the first ever G20 Consumer Summit, our input into the revision of the UN Guidelines for Consumer Protection

Luigi Scordamaglia
Managing Director of INALCA and CEO of Filiera Italia

Luigi Scordamaglia is Managing Director of INALCA S.p.A., a leader company in Europe in the meat sector and foodservice distribution with about 2 billion euro of total turnover, operating with production plants and distributive-logistic platforms in 10 extra Ue countries (Russia and Africa included).

Marcela Villarreal
Director, Partnerships Division, FAO
Marcela Villarreal has a PhD in Rural Sociology from Cornell University and a BA/MA in Systems and Computing Engineering from the University of Los Andes in Bogotá. She is responsible for the implementation of FAO’s innovative strategies on partnerships with the private sector, civil society, academia and research institutions. She coordinates the implementation of the Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land, Fisheries and Forests in the Context of National Food Security (VGGT), the initiative on the Principles for Responsible Investment in Agriculture (CFS-RAI), FAO’s policy on Indigenous Peoples, the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact, the Parliamentarian Fronts against Hunger initiative and the Decade of Family Farming, among others.
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