Global Parliamentary Summit against Hunger and Malnutrition

This brochure aims to raise the awareness of the link between different forms of malnutrition and food systems. As well as, to further advocate for the development of programs and actions to tackle the nutrition challenge.

This publication shows how parliamentary alliances play a key role in consolidating food and nutritional security and also presents successful legislative examples.

An adequate nutrition provides us with the necessary energy for the appropriate functioning and care of our body, and is the first defence against diseases. However, many people today still do not have access to food, do not eat enough or do not eat poorly. Nutrition problems (malnutrition, obesity, etc.) encompass inappropriate choices and practices that can be addressed through effective public policies.

Esta guía de buenas prácticas persigue el objetivo de mostrar cómo la AECID está transformando sus compromisos en acciones. Presenta los resultados alcanzados por diversos proyectos y programas, los instrumentos y los recursos financieros puestos en juego los últimos años en nuestros países socios.

Eliminating hunger by 2030 will require appropriate legislation backed up by the necessary budgets and proper monitoring, allowing a just and long-lasting legal framework to be created

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