Second International Conference on Nutrition (ICN2), 19-21 November 2014

Implementing a school feeding programme in Cabo Verde

After taking over responsibility for managing the national school feeding programme in September 2010, the Government of Cabo Verde requested technical support from several UN agencies to secure continuity of the programme. In 2011, FAO, WHO, WFP and UNICEF formed a four year United Nations Joint Programme (UNJP) to assist the government in four key areas: enhancing institutional capacities, supply of school canteens, food and nutrition education in schools and managing the school canteens. The UNJP, under the coordination of FAO, has advised the government on several important nutrition and food security related initiatives, including sourcing food for school meals from local farms and fisheries, as well as integrating nutrition education into the curriculum to improve children’s diets and ensure proper hygiene. Fifty four nurseries have also been installed on agricultural land and in hydroponic boxes to serve as education models for school gardens. The school canteens have already benefitted about 10 000 children in Cabo Verde, in addition to numerous local producers and vendors contracted for the programme. 

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