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International Symposium on Fisheries Sustainability


The Symposium will begin on November 18, 2019 with an Innovation Fair followed by an official opening ceremony.

The following days will be structured around a series of plenary discussions of approximately 2 hours each.

Sessions 1-8 will consist of two keynote lectures, plus two panels of 5 panelists each.

Session 9 will consist on reporting from the Session's rapporteurs on conclusions and messages.


Session 1 – The status of global and regional fisheries sustainability and their implications for policy and management

FAO session leads: Yimin Ye and Nicolas Gutierrez

Session description

Speakers and panelists

Session 2 – Sustainable fisheries: linking biodiversity conservation and food security

FAO session lead: Vera Agostini

Session description

Speakers and panelists

Session 3 – Fish in Food Security and Nutrition: from tide to table

FAO session lead: Molly Ahern

Session description

Speakers and panelists