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XIV World Forest Congress 2015

Innovation and Investment Forum

Thursday 10 September 2015

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A future in which increasing numbers of consumers appreciate the need to sustainably manage forests and trees, in which the responsible use of innovative forests-based products and services is revived to fuel modern, low-carbon lifestyles, and one in which big and small forest growers and industries join to create concrete and sustainable benefits: this is our vision for the future.

Through this forum, we hope to promote this vision and underline the forest sector’s role in alleviating global challenges related to climate change, water, energy, sustainable cities, decent housing, biodiversity and food security.

We will also explore how forest-based innovations are breaking new ground, and across landscapes, creating tremendous opportunities to fuel a bioeconomy and directly contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Objectives for the forum include:

  • a discussion of forest-based innovations and related opportunities and challenges in the context of greening economies
  • a charter for “Changing Gear” in forest-based investments in the next decade, made up of a private sector vision of the impact of the forest sector on the Sustainable Development Goals
  • a set of key messages to deliver at COP-21

Who can attend?

All individuals and institutions registered for the Congress are welcome to attend.