Regular Programme Contributions as at 31 January 2020

The percentage of 2020 assessed contributions paid to the Organization by Member Nations as of the end of January 2020 was 11.30 percent; a rate of receipt lower than at the end of January 2019, which was 11.83 percent.

As at 31 January, outstanding contributions amounted to USD 597 million. As at 31 January 2019, the unpaid assessments stood at USD 576 million (consolidated).

Timely payment by Members of their assessments ensures that FAO meets the operating cash requirements and deliver the Programme of Work.

Table 1 below shows the cumulative percentage rate of receipts of Regular Programme contributions by quarter over the past four years. 1st quarter 2020 is as at 31 January 2020. The graph reflects the actual percentage rate of receipts versus a hypothetical even rate of receipt of 25% per quarter (as represented by the red line).

Table 2 shows the total cumulative USD and Euro receipts in 2020, and the total annual amounts of assessed contributions billed to Member Nations.