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Did you know that FAO has a wide range of free online resources?

If you are an educator, a parent or guardian, a university student or simply interested in learning more about food security, sustainable agriculture and related topics, we have a wealth of material at your disposal including publications and activity books for kids.

Although FAO’s headquarters is temporarily closed, we are staying active and connected online!

FAO’s activity books are a fun and interactive way to teach children about our work and global issues like climate change, migration, hunger and the importance of nutrition and healthy diets. Packed with quizzes, questionnaires, and true stories about children around the world taking action, they explain complex issues in a fun and engaging way. They’re also a great way to empower youth and encourage them to play a role in building a sustainable world where everyone has enough nutritious food.

Download the activity books:
Food heroes
Climate Change
Working for Zero Hunger
Your guide to FAO
Eating healthy matters
Healthy plants, healthy planet

Also, make sure to check out the many FAO publications online.

Discover FAO’s work and research on a wide range of subjects, such as nutrition, climate change, food waste, migration, rural development and food security to name a few. Learn about the global issues that have an impact on our future, and how you can take action and become an advocate.

Be sure to also check out the FAO elearning Academy: https://elearning.fao.org/ and learn how it contributes to the UN's initiatives and networks (click here).