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Photo: ©FAO/©Giulio Napolitano
Le Directeur général préconise une révision des institutions de gouvernance de ces marchés pour mieux faire entendre la voix des petits exploitants

6 octobre 2014, Rome  – Les gouvernements devraient revoir la façon dont les marchés internationaux des produits agricoles sont régis, a déclaré M. José Graziano da Silva, Directeur général de la FAO, devant un parterre de ministres venus des quatre coins de la planète pour participer à une réunion axée sur les marchés des produits de base.

Ces marchés monopolisent l'attention au plan mondial en raison de la volatilité

South Africa’s Agriculture Minister highlights the role of local communities in forest protection

6 October 2014, Rome - “As the first of its kind in the African continent, we want the World Forestry Congress to be not only a success but a trendsetter,” South Africa’s Minister for Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Senzini Zokwana, said today.

Remarks were made after a meeting with FAO Director-General Graziano da Silva in which they discussed the preparation for the 14th World Forestry Congress to be held in

Iraq’s Permanent Representative to FAO presents credentials to Director-General

3 October 2014, Rome – FAO Director-General Jose Graziano da Silva reiterated the Organization’s support to Iraq’s efforts to ensure food security and strengthen its agricultural sector in the current conflict-laden environment, following the presentation of credentials by Iraq’s new Permanent Representative to FAO, yesterday.

An estimated 1.8 million people in Iraq are in critical need of humanitarian aid and food and agriculture support, due to an upsurge of violence

“Fighting animal diseases is key in a country that neighbours seven others,” Minister says

3 October 2014, Rome – Sudan has a key role in the battle to curb and combat animal diseases due to its strategic location, Faisal Hassan Ibrahim, Sudan’s Minister for Livestock, Fisheries and Rangelands, said today after a meeting withFAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva on the sidelines of FAO’s Committee of Agriculture (COAG).

The Minister noted that the fact that Sudan neighbours with seven other African countries makes control and

Graziano da Silva meets Gambia’s Minister of Agriculture at the sidelines of COAG

3 October 2014, Rome - FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva José Graziano met Gambia’s Minister of Agriculture at the sidelines of FAO’s Committee of Agriculture (COAG) which ends today.

The FAO chief praised Gambia for having achieved the Millennium Development Goal 1 hunger target of halving the proportion of hungry people by 2015. Gambia has reduced the prevalence of undernourishment from 13.3 percent in 1990-92, to 6.0 percent in 2012-14.