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Photo: ©FAO/Eric Ahounou

31 Octobr 2013, Dakar, Senegal - The Director General met today with CILSS Executive Secretary while attending the Sahel World Bank Forum.

The two principals discussed Resilience issues in the Sahel as well as the new AGIR Initiative to which FAO is actively participating.

Adoum thanked FAO for it support and called for more in the areas of statistics,  capacity building, livestock census and water mapping.

The two discussed ways of supporting the four

Photo: ©FAO/Eric Ahounou

31 Octobre 2013, Dakar, Sénégal – Le Directeur Général (DG) de la FAO, José Graziano Da Silva a rencontré, jeudi à Dakar,  la société civile sénégalaise, en marge de sa participation au Forum de Haut Niveau sur la résilience, organisé par le CILSS et la Banque Mondiale en Mauritanie puis au Sénégal, les 30 et 31 octobre 2013.

M. Graziano Da Silva a reçu 8 organisations de la société civile

Photo: ©FAO/Eric Ahounou

31 October 2013, Dakar, Senegal - FAO Director-General met with representatives of the Senegalese private sector and emphasized the key role that they can play in reinforcing food security and in developing sustainable agriculture. Companies present discussed their activities ad issues encountered in the areas of  distribution of agricultural inputs, production and processing of local commodities including cereals, fruits.

The representatives of the Senegalese Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture, and the national

Photo: ©FAO/Sia Kambou
Agricultural potential waiting to be unlocked – greater attention and investment needed

31 October 2013, Dakar - Sound water management holds the key to building resilience in Africa's Sahel and can free rural communities from the vicious cycle of weather-related food security crises that have plagued the region over recent years, FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva said today at a high level meeting on resilience in the Sahel, focusing on irrigation and water management, with participants from Burkina Faso,

Photo: ©FAO/Giulio Napolitano
Right blend of policies and support to region’s pastoralists can prevent future crises

29 October 2013, Nouakchott, Mauritania - The time has come to break the "vicious circle" of crises in Africa's Sahel by proactively building up the ability of pastoralist and rural communities to weather drought and other shocks, rather than merely helping them recover from disaster after the fact.

"We cannot prevent droughts or floods, but we can put in place measures that will help stop them