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Бразилия, Индия, Китай, Россия и Южная Африка полностью поддерживают предложение Генерального директора ФАО по Программе работы и бюджету

23 марта 2015, Рим - На совещании, состоявшемся в прошлую пятницу, постоянные представители Бразилии, Индии, Китая, Российской Федерации и Южной Африки при ФАО сообщили Генеральному директору Организации  Жозе Грациану да Силве, о новом мандате, переданном консультативной группе стран БРИКС, находящейся в Риме, министрами сельского хозяйства этих стран, которые ранее в этом месяце встретились в Бразилиа.

В соответствии с решением, принятым на встрече, которое подчеркивает важность совместной работы по нескольким основным

Minister Lubinda and Graziano da Silva discuss ways to promote agricultural diversification in the country

23 March 2015, Rome - FAO Director-General today met with Zambia’s newly appointed Minister for Agriculture and Livestock, Given Lubinda, in office since last February.

“I look forward to continued and enhanced cooperation between the FAO and Zambia, particularly in the areas of research in agriculture and infrastructure development for support to our counter production,” the Minister said in remarks after the meeting.

He expressed his concern for the lack of

Photo: © Richard Soberka/ HEMIS.FR/AFP Image Forum
Director General stresses importance of “dynamic conservation” of culture and biodiversity

15 March 2015, Rome – Two date palm oases in the United Arab Emirates have joined a growing number of ecosystems that are formally recognized by FAO for their importance as repositories of genetic resources, biodiversity and cultural heritage.

The Al Ain and Liwa oases are known as marvels of ancient hydrology and their date groves form the center of date

FAO and CELAC coordinate their agendas to move towards zero hunger in all countries of the region, through CELAC’s Plan for Food Security, Nutrition and Hunger Eradication 2025

10 March 2015, Santiago de Chile - The Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) have aligned their efforts under a common

FAO Director-General meets the Secretary-General of lusophone countries

5 March 2015, Rome - FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva today met the Secretary-General of the Community of the Portuguese-Speaking Countries (CPLP), Murade Isaac Murargy, to review the achievements and the challenges of the technical cooperation agreement signed by both organizations one year ago.

With a total allocated contribution of $500,000 USD, the agreement established a programme to support CPLP and its governments, parliaments and