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Talks on the sidelines of FAO’s Regional Conference in Voronezh

17 May 2018, Voronezh, Russian FederationOn the margins of the 31st session of FAO’s Regional Conference for Europe, Graziano da Silva today met with Hudayberdi Hajyyev, of Turkmenistan’s Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources.

He commended the efforts of Turkmenistan in increasing investment in agriculture and rural development. He also acknowledged the ongoing cooperation of Turkmenistan with FAO and invited the country to finalize the new Country Programming

Photo: ©FAO//Alessandra Benedetti.
Impacts of climate change on the region's limited resources, especially water, also needs to be addressed

10 May 2018, Rome - Conflict has increased food insecurity in the Near East and to reverse this situation it is crucial to strengthen the resilience of poor, rural communities, including through social protection systems, FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva said today.

"Even in conflict situations, there is much we can do, to keep local food systems functioning and bring hope to affected populations. We need to keep farmers

Minister Zeaiter: "One third of the countries in the Near East and North Africa are home to or witness to conflicts"

10 May 2018, Rome - Graziano da Silva today met FAO's Regional Conference for the Near East Chair, Ghazi Zeaiter, Minister for Agriculture of the Lebanese Republic, who called for a peaceful solution to the crises in the region. 

Conflict has increased food insecurity in the Near East and to reverse this situation it is crucial to strengthen the resilience of poor, rural communities.

“One third of the countries in the

Graziano da Silva reaffirms support for UAE date palm production, developing agriculture in a harsh climate

9 May 2018, Rome - FAO Director-General Jose’ Graziano da Silva today praised the visionary leadership support for sustainable agriculture  of Sheik Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan of the United Arab Emerites, whose work laid the foundation for his country’s efforts to cope with the challenges of producing food in an often harsh desert climate possessing limited soil and water resourcesl..

In 1946, the UAE’s founding father launched an innovative

Photo: ©FAO/Pier Paolo Cito
Институты, целью которых является повышение доступности продуктов питания, слишком часто благоприятствуют распространению нездоровых продуктов - Генеральный директор ФАО

8 мая 2018, Рим - Глобальная торговля продовольствием имеет важное значение для всех стран, но регулирование мировой торговли необходимо пересмотреть с целью расширения торговли не просто дешевыми, но и здоровыми и качественными продуктами питания, сказал сегодня Генеральный директор ФАО Жозе Грациану да Силва.

Содействие торговли пищевыми товарами для того, чтобы прокормить мир, стало главной задачей послевоенной эпохи, значение которой изменилось, поскольку экспортируемые «товары стали синонимом обработанной промышленным способом пищи»,