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Bilateral talks with the country's Agriculture and Food Security Minister

14 February 2018, Rome - FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva and Lesotho's Minister for Agriculture and Food Security Mahala Molapo today held discussions in FAO headquarters in Rome. 

Strengthening cooperation

14 February 2018, Rome - Graziano da Silva today met withMahen Kumar Seeruttun, Minister for Agro-Industry and Food Security Mauritius, for discussions on joint cooperation. 

Talks on joint cooperation

13 February 2018, Rome - FAO Director-General today met Congo's Agriculture Minister Georges Kazadi Kabongo at FAO headquarters in Rome. 

Graziano da Silva: FAO’s focus is on saving lives through saving rural livelihoods

14 February 2018, Rome – FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva today reiterated the UN agency’s support for the people in conflict-ridden Yemen where FAO is focusing on the need to save lives by saving rural livelihoods.


Graziano da Silva stressed that FAO intends to continue with its work in Yemen where food security remains a priority, despite the difficulties faced. 


“We (FAO) never left Yemen and we never will,” Graziano

Graziano da Silva reiterates support to Pacific island states

12 February 2018, Rome - FAO Director-General today thanked Kiribati for its ongoing collaboration in various joint projects, which include FAO-led disaster relief after last year's cyclone, and a pending proposal for the Global Environment Facility. 

In a meeting with the country's Minister for the Environment, Lands and Agricultural Development, Graziano da Silva made a special point of offering his condolences to the people of Kiribati for the recent tragedy in