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Photo: ©FAO
FAO and CAF kick off “African Football against Hunger”

16 January 2015, Rome/Bata - A footballer dressed in white garb dribbles a ball across an abandoned underground construction site, laser focused, dust stirring up around him as he angles for the winning kick — he takes it and scores. The scene: part of a video ad by FAO that will be shown throughout the upcoming African Cup of Nations; the winning kick: a metaphor for overcoming hunger

Photo: ©FAO/AFP/Hoang Dinh Nam
Национальный план действий нацелен на полное искоренение голода

14 января 2015, Ханой, Вьетнам - Национальная программа «Нулевой голод» по искоренению голода в Вьетнаме была запущена сегодня Правительством Вьетнама при содействии Организации Объединенных Наций, включая ФАО.   

На мероприятии по случаю запуска программы присутствовали премьер-министр Нгуен Тан Зунг и министр сельского хозяйства и сельского развития Као Дык Фат, а также другие руководители министерств, что свидетельствует о твердом намерении правительства Вьетнама положить конец голоду к 2025 году.  

Заместитель Генерального директора

Director-General attended Rousseff’s swearing-in ceremony and met new cabinet ministers

Brasilia, 5 January 2015 – Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff hailed the support provided by FAO in her country’s battle against hunger.

The head of state offered public thanks to FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva, who was present as she was sworn in for her second term of office, and reaffirmed Brazil’s commitment to support FAO’s visions and efforts to encourage South-South cooperation.

Cooperation between developing nations has been a policy

Photo: ©FAO/Luca Tommasini
Director-General Graziano da Silva will meet new cabinet ministers in Brasilia

31 December, 2014 Rome - Brazil has added $17 million in funding to projects undertaken in its ongoing partnership with FAO, highlighting the Latin American country's role as a key regional and global contributor to the fight against hunger.

The decisions, added to ongoing projects has increased the portfolio of Brazil-funded projects through FAO to over $100 million. The latest projects approved during the month of

Photo: ©FAO/Sergey Kozmin
2014 in review
Family farming and nutrition in the spotlight

2014 was the International Year of Family Farming, and throughout the year FAO worked with our partners to keep the spotlight pinned on this critical player in the global food, nutrition and agriculture arena.

According to the 2014 edition of our annual State of Food and Agriculture report — which focused on the needs