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Agreement covers food security, right to food, land tenure rights and sustainable development

9 September 2013, Rome, Italy - The non-governmental organization Deutsche Welthungerhilfe and FAO will work more closely in their fight against hunger and poverty.

The organizations signed an agreement on Monday in Rome, to promote the progressive realization of the right to food and improvements of the governance of land tenure for the benefit of all, with an emphasis on vulnerable and marginalized people.

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Brazilian expertise to benefit South-South Cooperation

28 August 2013, Rome – A partnership to strengthen the transfer of experiences and technologies from Brazil’s top agricultural research agency to developing countries within FAO’s South-South Cooperation is underway.

Under an agreement signed between FAO and the Brazilian Agricultural Research Cooperation (EMBRAPA) in February, the latter has assigned expert Pedro Arcuri to FAO headquarters. Arcuri met with FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva today to discuss the initiative, which

José Graziano da Silva visitó Argentina, Brasil, El Salvador y Nicaragua.

Santiago de Chile, 28 de agosto- El Director General de la FAO, José Graziano da Silva destacó los enormes avances que ha hecho América Latina y el Caribe en su lucha contra el hambre y el potencial de la cooperación Sur-Sur tras conocer en el terreno diversas iniciativas que los gobiernos de Brasil, Argentina, El Salvador y Nicaragua están desarrollando para fortalecer la seguridad alimentaria de sus poblaciones.

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Photo: ©FAO/Guiseppe Bizzaro
Исследование проводилось в 8-ми странах Латинской Америки

23 августа 2013, Бразилиа/Рим - Исследование, проведенное ФАО в Боливии, Гватемале, Гондурасе, Колумбии, Никарагуа, Парагвае, Перу и Эль-Сальвадоре показывает, какой вклад программы школьного питания вносят в усиление социальной защиты детей, укрепление продовольственной безопасности и улучшение питания.  

Исследование «Панорама школьного питания и использование возможности прямых закупок у семейных фермерских хозяйств - опыт 8-ми стран» (на исп. яз.) показывает, что эти программы способствуют улучшению показателей посещаемости в школах и

Photo: ©FAO/
Brazil’s investments in South-South Cooperation through FAO have surpassed $36 million

16 August 2013, Brasilia/Rome - The Brazilian experience of strengthening school meal programs and their relationship with family farming will be brought to Africa. This is just one of the 17 South-South Cooperation projects that the government of Brazil and FAO are implementing together, with a total investment surpasssing $36 million.

During his visit to Brazil last week, FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva signed the project "Strengthening School