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Historic new cooperation program established between government and FAO

4 September 2015, Yaoundé -- Cameroon and FAO today signed two agreements: one creating a $20 million, five-year Partnership Programme

Exploring joint activities focusing on the fight against hunger and malnutrition

2 September 2015, Rome - FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva today held talks with Leyla Aliyeva, FAO National Goodwill

Photo: ©theCropTrust
Potato varieties once thought lost to the Andean people who introduced them to the world will now be safeguarded for future generations

27 August 2015, Svalbard, Norway - Varieties of one of the world's most important staple crops have now been stored

Graziano da Silva concludes a three-day visit to Russia

25 June, 2015, Moscow – FAO Director-General Jose Graziano da Silva concluded a three-day visit to Russia, his first official

Photo: ©ITAR-TASS/Anton Novoderezhkin
Raising awareness on hunger and malnutrition

24 June 2015, Moscow The Russian news agency TASS and FAO have agreed to work together to raise public awareness

Graziano da Silva addresses faculty at Moscow Timiryazev Agricultural Academy

24 June 2015, Moscow, Russian Federation - The next generation of Russia’s agricultural researchers and experts can play a major

Photo: ©FAO/Christena Dowsett
Director-General meets Rabobank board to enlarge FAO’s flagship partnership

22 June, 2015, Utrecht - FAO and the Dutch Rabobank Foundation will scale up their collaboration after two years of

Photo:©REUTERS/Max Rossi

2015年6月18日,罗马 - 粮农组织总干事若泽·格拉济阿诺·达席尔瓦欢迎教皇方济各发表的有关气候变化和环境问题的通谕《赞美你》(Laudato Si


Photo: ©FAO/ Sergey Kozmin

2015616日,罗马 – 鉴于家庭农民在确保全球粮食安全和消除贫困方面的重要贡献,粮农组织今天发布了一个新的数字平台,为获取有关家庭农业这一占世界80%粮食生产的部门信息、数据和立法提供“一站式”服务。

“家庭农民养活着我们的社区,照看着我们的地球 - 他们是抗击饥饿和农村贫困的重要盟友,”粮农组织总干事若泽·格拉济阿诺·达席尔瓦在上周二举行的平台启动仪式上说。

Florence Chenoweth and José Graziano da Silva in talks during the FAO Conference

Rome, 15 June 2015 - In a meeting with FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva at the sidelines of the