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Photo: ©FAO/Daniel Hayduk

201564日,米兰 - 粮农组织总干事若泽·格拉济阿诺·达席尔瓦今天在米兰世博会国际农业论坛开幕式上讲话时“呼吁世界所有各方参与彻底消除饥饿的全球性运动。”来自100多个国家和国际组织的50多位农业部长和代表参加了此次活动。

总干事说,2015年世界博览会 – 本次论坛的主办方

Minister Zamir requests FAO’s technical assistance and support in policy making

4 June 2015, Expo Milan (Italy) – Today FAO Director-General met with Afghanistan’s newly appointed Minister for Agriculture, Irrigation and

Increasing competitiveness and organizing family farmers, amongst top urgencies

4 June 2015, Expo Milan (Italy) – FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva today met with Moldova’s Minister for Agriculture

Minister briefs FAO chief on progress in livestock emission mitigation and innovative fishing nets

4 June 2015, Expo Milan (Italy) - FAO Director-General, José Graziano da Silva, today met with New Zealand’s Minister for

Photo: ©FAO/Seyllou Diallo

2015527日,罗马 - 世界饥饿人口数量已经降至7.95亿 - 比1990-1992年减少2.16亿 - 约占人口的九分之一,根据联合国最新一期饥饿问题年度报告(《2015年世界粮食不安全状况》)。


Photo: courtesy of the Government of Azerbaijan/http://en.president.az/articles/15299
Strengthening partnership to boost the agricultural sector of Azerbaijan and neighboring countries

27 May 2015, Baku - FAO will soon establish a partnership and liaison office in the capital city of Azerbaijan,

Photo: ©FAO/Olga Grebennikova
A milestone in collaboration
23 May 2015, Astana, Kazakhstan - FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva and Kazakhstan's Minister of Agriculture Assylzhan Mamytbekov today
Photo: ©FAO/Olga Grebennikova
FAO Director-General addresses Astana Economic Forum
21 May 2015, Astana, Kazakhstan - Eradicating chronic hunger and malnutrition worldwide will require the collaboration of both developed and
“FAO has never been so relevant, active and important to food security in the world” - Quinn

18 May 2015, Rome - The Director-General today met Ambassador Kenneth Quinn, President of the World Food Prize Foundation at

Photo: ©FAO/Sue Price
FAO Director-General stresses the need for an "all-government" approach
12 May 2015, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea - The Eleventh Meeting of Southwest Pacific Ministers of Agriculture under the