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Allocutions du directeur général de la FAO José Graziano da Silva
 Vérification à l’écoute

9 July 2014

Formal Signature of the MoU between
FAO and the Thomson Reuters Foundation


Mrs. Belinda Goldsmith, Editor-in-Chief of the Thomson Reuters Foundation

Your Excellency Ambassador of the United Kingdom to the FAO,

Ladies and gentlemen,

It is an honour to welcome you to FAO for the signature of this Memorandum of Understanding between FAO and the Thomson Reuters Foundation (TRF). 

For FAO, this is not just a partnership with a global media group to develop its area of communication.

This is a strategic alliance with an institution that has a longstanding commitment to free independent journalism, to human rights, to women's empowerment, and to the rule of law.

With the agreement that will be signed today, we will work together to improve the dissemination of information on hunger and food-related issues, such as food production, food security, food waste, agriculture and land use, and malnutrition.

I am fully convinced of how media plays a critical role on every society, not only informing and raising people’s awareness, but also being able to transform their lives.

And that transformation is far more significant when it can benefit and change lives of people who suffer from chronic hunger while improving their food security.

This can be done in our lifetime. 

Ending hunger and malnutrition means achieving more sustainable production, less rural poverty, better and more equitable food systems and more resilience to external shocks, such as conflicts, droughts, floods and other natural disasters.

FAO and the Thomson Reuters Foundation also share the view that the wide access to reliable information is a key tool in the fight for human rights, and specifically related to the right to food.

We very much look forward to starting our close collaboration over the coming year.

Ending hunger is a difficult and complex task; but with the invaluable contribution of partners like the Thomson Reuters Foundation we can definitely meet the challenge. 

Thank you very much for your attention.