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Выступление Генерального директора ФАО Жозе Грациану да Силва
 Необходимо сверять с фактическим выступлением

12 November 2013, Rome, Italy - I want to express the solidarity of FAO and myself personally with the people and the Government of the Philippines. The super typhoon Haiyan has left a trail of destruction and thousands of lives have been lost. The devastation caused in the country, including in the agricultural, fisheries and forestry sectors, puts the lives and livelihoods of many more at risk and can have a wider effect on the food supply chain and food security.

FAO will do everything within its means to support the Government of the Philippines in the reconstruction process and to build resilience. FAO has already mobilised $1 million of its own resources to respond to this tragic event and called for $24 million for immediate interventions in fisheries and agriculture as part of the UN-coordinatedhumanitarian Flash Appeal launched today.

I call upon the international community to also support this process.