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International Mother Earth Day helps raise awareness of the importance of preserving our natural resources. It reminds us that the Earth and its ecosystems are our home. We must take of them. And FAO has an important role to play.

14 December, 2015, Rome, Italy - FAO Director General, José Graziano Da Silva prepared the following message for the opening ceremony of the regional meeting on Agroecology in sub-Saharan Africa, held in Dakar, Senegal of 5 and 6 November 2015.

31 March 2015, Rome, Italy - The IYS2015 was launched in the Scottish Parliament on 31 March 2015 with a particular focus on Scotland’s soils. FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva addressed the Scottish Parliament on the this occasion to highlight the important role of soils for food security and essential ecosystem functions.

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