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31 March 2015, Rome, Italy - The IYS2015 was launched in the Scottish Parliament on 31 March 2015 with a particular focus on Scotland’s soils. FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva addressed the Scottish Parliament on the this occasion to highlight the important role of soils for food security and essential ecosystem functions.

31 Mar 2015, Rome, Italy - FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva delivers a video message in the context of the Science Fair during the 2015 Conferences of Parties (COPs) to the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions, held in Geneva in March 2015.

2014年7月24日, 意大利罗马 — 在致国际法律发展组织的这一简短视频声明中,粮农组织总干事若泽•格拉济阿诺•达席尔瓦指出法制是确保有效、公平及包容治理的一个基本原则,并概述了粮农组织在加大其对可持续发展的贡献同时,正在如何致力于提高和加强法制。

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