FAO in Afghanistan

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15 Years Report in Afghanistan

This report presents highlights of the work FAO has done in Afghanistan over the past 15 years, and features stories and testimonials from satisfied FAO beneficiaries. It is organized to reflect the priorities that the Government of Afghanistan has outlined in it's current agricultural development plan, while also showing how FAO's work crosscuts many sectors of agriculture; it demonstrates that by and large, FAO has brought increased prosperity, sustainability and self-reliance to the farmers, pastoralists and food processors of Afghanistan.

The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Land Cover Atlas

This Atlas provides policy and strategic guidance to the rural sector on food security, which directly contributes to the overall objective of strengthening agricultural information and statistics services in the country.

Empowering women in Afghanistan: reducing gender gaps through Integrated Dairy Schemes

Milk and dairy products are crucial for the daily food security and income generation of Afghan families, and women play an important role in the related activities

25 years of FAO Technical Assistance in Developing the Afghanistan Seed Sector

This publication tells the extraordinary story of the development of the seed industry in Afghanistan during decades of violent conflict, and describes FAO’s central role throughout the process.

Efficiency of wheat seed production and scope for crop diversification in the Afghanistan seed Industry

Assess the efficiency of wheat seed production as the basis of the Afghanistan seed industry.

Analysis of the Seed Market in Afghanistan

Strengthening National Seed Production Capacity in Afghanistan

Seed Industry Privatization - Strengthening National Seed Production Capacity in Afghanistan

Proceedings of a workshop on Seed Industry Privatization, 6-8 December 2004, Kabul, Afghanistan.



Small-scale seed enterprise

Since 1982, FAO has had a continuous history of involvement in the seed sector of Afghanistan, which has resulted in the implementation of several seed projects in close partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture.