Africa Solidarity Trust Fund
Africa Solidarity Trust Fund

The Africa Solidarity Trust Fund (ASTF) is an innovative Africa-led fund to support African development initiatives. Its main goal is to strengthen food security across the continent by assisting countries and their regional organizations to eradicate hunger and malnutrition, eliminate rural poverty and manage natural resources in a sustainable manner.

For the new phase of the ASTF - an expanded partnership, the replenished ASTF seeks to expand its reach in terms of both volume and scale of impact through three key components. More information here.

Key Facts

Highlights from the field

The Africa Solidarity Trust Fund has funded 18 projects in 41 countries.

Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone

Over 4 000 farm families in Ebola Virus Disease-affected communities doubled their price and vegetable production.

Malawi, Mali

2 606 farm families and over 1 200 women and youth empowered to effectively engage in food production and marketing activities.


12 000 rural smallholders, including women and youth, increased their income due to better access to inputs.


160 000 vulnerable households improved their agricultural productivity and food security thanks to quality input distribution and investments.

Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda

+ 1 500 female and male youth improved their income and access to food through decent job creation and stronger productive capacities.

Congo, Gambia, Eswatini

+ 1 000 women (including Dimitra Club members) empowered through training in commercialization and value chain development, and access to credit and financial services.

South Sudan

200 000 families in conflict-affected areas enhanced their nutritional intake and 19 000 households protected their livelihoods through country-wide vaccination.

Southern Africa

4 500 experts from the Southern African Development Community enhanced their capacity to tackle transboundary pests and diseases.
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News and events

Voices for Africa Solidarity

José Graziano da Silva

FAO Director-General

«I believe we can all sense a growing political commitment in Africa to eradicate hunger and the desire to transform this commitment into concrete action. But governments are the ones who must lead this process.»

Cecilia Obono Ndong

Ambassador Permanent Representative of Equatorial Guinea to FAO

«"The Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea is firmly committed to the development of the African Continent. In this sense, the country will host and chair the Round Table of Contributors of the Africa Solidarity Trust Fund, which will take place in Malabo this year.»

Jan Tombinski

Ambassador Permanent Representative of the EU to FAO

«The best and sustainable solutions are home-drawn solutions. There must be a principle of appropriation and ownership for their own destiny and therefore, this Africa Solidarity Trust Fund is an example of joining forces to address challenges that Africa is confronted with.»

Niu Dun

Ambassador Permanent Representative of China to FAO

«Africa is a continent of hope and of great potential. The ASTF has made marvelous achievements, yet we still have a long way to go.»