Africa Solidarity Trust Fund

Round Table of Contributors, Malabo, 11 June 2019

11 June 2019, Malabo - The Africa Solidarity Trust Fund (ASTF), a powerful demonstration of solidarity among African countries to improve agriculture and food security, needs to forge broader partnerships and explore innovative financing mechanisms to tackle the challenges facing the continent.

This was FAO's message at the opening today of a ASTF Round Table of Contributors in Malabo that has brought together heads of states and government, ministers and other representatives of the development community to recapitalize the Fund and launch a more ambitious second phase.

FAO established the Africa Solidarity Trust Fund (ASTF), a unique model of flexible pooled funding initiated and led by Africa, for Africa, to support African development initiatives and programs. Since its launch in 2013, the ASTF has benefited hundreds of thousands of family farmers, women and youth in 41 African countries by supporting a wide variety of projects that helped boost rural employment opportunities, increase agricultural production, generate new income streams and build resilience. READ MORE

What it’s about

The main objective of the Africa Solidarity Trust Fund Roundtable in Malabo is to mobilize national, regional and global capital at a large-scale to accelerate the delivery of the SDGs and other Africa’s commitments. Participants of the event include all African States, asking them to participate at the event and announce their contributions to the Africa Solidarity Trust Fund at the Roundtable. In addition, key ‘Friends of Africa’ have been invited, including all OECD countries and other emerging economies, bilateral and multilateral institutions, development banks, private sectors and foundations. The Roundtable is an important milestone on the way to moving the Africa Solidarity Trust Fund to the next level in order to build on the excellent progress and not lose the momentum of this unique African Solidarity model, for the good of Africa.


To bring together the international community to contribute and launch a second phase of the Africa Solidarity Trust Fund, in order to respond to the development challenges of Africa. Given the success of this Africa-to-Africa approach, it is imperative to maintain the momentum of the ASTF and take it to the next level of challenges and opportunities.


The Roundtable is scheduled to take place on 11 June 2019 at the Malabo International Conference Centre, in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea.