Regional Office


 for Africa (RAF)



Agricultural Statistics

  • Advise on the development and implementation of national programmes for food and agricultural statistics and advise on the organization of the necessary structures to support these programmes.
  • Identify, formulate and technically backstop statistical field projects.
  • Advise on the organization and conduct of agricultural censuses and surveys and of household surveys related to food and agriculture, including the use of appropriate methodologies and the training of national personnel as well as the dissemination of results.
  • Serve as Secretary of the African Commission on Agricultural Statistics, including the organization of the biennial session.
  • Organize and participate in meetings, seminars and training courses on food and agricultural statistics.
  • Promote cooperation and coordination between countries and facilitate the exchange of information and methodological experience.
  • Coordinate the statistical activities at RAF.
  • Cooperate with other agencies and develop partnerships to promote effective and efficient food and agricultural statistics systems.
  • Provide the units concerned at the Regional Office and Headquarters with the relevant inputs for region-wide planning and programming exercises and report requirements.

Eloi Ouedraogo
Regional statistician
Regional Office for Africa
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
P.O. Box GP 1628
Accra, Ghana
Tel: +233 302 675000 Ext.41613