Regional Office


 for Africa (RAF)



Field Operations

The Operations unit of RAF has the responsibility of providing operational support to FAO’s field programme in the Africa region. The Unit assists field offices in  Africa to  identify, formulate field projects; and in addition, provides operational backstopping to these projects.

The Unit’s activities include:

  • Support to Field Programme Development [project identification/pipeline projects]
  • Operational backstopping and training missions to sub-regional and field offices
  • Briefing of newly-appointed FAO Representatives
  • Training of FAO Representatives and Field Office staff in operational procedures and the use of the Field Programme Monitoring and Information System (FPMIS)
  • Monitoring delivery trends of the field programme in Africa region
    Reporting on field programme activities, delivery trends, etc. in the Africa region
  • Operating field projects which cover the entire Africa
  • Collaboration with the African Union in the implementation of field projects which cover the entire region or groups of countries within Africa
  • Provide the units concerned at the Regional Office with the relevant support for projects operated by Technical Units

For more information about Field Operations and field project activities at FAO, please visit Field Programme Monitoring and Information System Website.