Regional Office


 for Africa (RAF)



Food & Nutrition

In the field of nutrition, FAO extends its technical assistance and support to national services to implement the FAO/WHO Food Standards Programme (Codex Alimentarius), improve nutritional status in peri-urban and rural areas, and strengthen nutrition components in relief and rehabilitation.

On-going and planned activities include:

  • Training Sessions improvement for food operators in selected countries i.e. Cape Verde, Senegal, Ghana including night markets.
  • Development of National Plan of Action for Nutrition and Contribution to the implementation of the African Regional Nutrition Strategy.
  • Re-establishment of the African Food and Nutrition task force for Africa.
  • Inter agency consultation for the Re-evaluation of Food and Nutrition Situation in Africa and publication of West African Journal of Food and Nutrition.  
  • Graduate Training course in Food Composition in Francophone and Anglophone   countries of ECOWAS.  
  • Collection of Data and preparation of Food Composition tables for selected countries i.e. Benin, Nigeria, Senegal, hana and Cape Verde.
  • Initiation of National Food Composition Networks in Africa as part of missions.
  • Development of National food safety plans of action as contribution to the implementation of the Regional Food Safety Strategy and Regional Project in selected countries and initiation of an African Regional Network of Food Inspectors (ARNFI).
  • Strengthening of Codex contact points and support to Codex training programmes, quality assurance system in food laboratories and increased Africa participation in Codex activities.
  • Development of Codex website - - with links to all portals for food safety …. FAO, WHO and CODEX.
  • Complementary evaluation of mycotoxin in staple foods of selected countries in West Africa i.e. Nigeria, Benin and follow up on cases of aflatoxicosis .....Kenya ....
  • Development of Regional Strategies for food fortification in partnership with WHO, GAIN, UNICEF and the private sector
  • Harmonization of legislation within UEMOA countries