Regional Office


 for Africa (RAF)



Gender and Development

The RAFT Regional Gender desk provides advisory and technical services to FAO Members and (sub-) Regional bodies related to the promotion of equality and the reduction of vulnerability of the different groups in rural populations in the overall framework of reducing rural poverty and food insecurity.

Under the overall managerial and administrative leadership of the Regional Representative for Africa, and the technical guidance of the Director, Gender, Equity and Rural Employment Division (ESW), the Regional Gender Desk:

  • Provides policy advice and technical assistance to member countries to recognise the importance of gender equality and socio-economic equity for the attainment of sustainable development of the agricultural, fisheries and forestry sectors and act upon accordingly in the overall framework of reducing poverty and enhancing food security of all, as envisaged by the MDGs, in particular MDGs 1 and 3;
  • Assesses the need for, develops programmes and provides direct technical assistance to member countries for capacity building in areas supporting the aforementioned policy areas. Hereto the Gender desk builds on its experience to promote the production (= collection, analysis and dissemination) and use of sex and age disaggregated agricultural and rural data, required for evidence-based development of people-focussed and gender sensitive policies, strategies and guidelines for agricultural and rural development;
  • Works in partnership with (sub-) regional bodies and multi-/bi lateral agencies for the promotion of collaborative programmes in follow-up to International agreements like the Beijing Platform for Action on Women, the Cairo Programme of Action on Population and Development, the UN General Assembly Special Session on HIV/AIDS and the MDG commitments.
  • Continues to serve as Focal Point for the Regional Office for the following issues: gender equality, human diseases related to rural poverty (notably HIV/AIDS) and development challenges for rural children and youth as well as ageing agricultural populations. It supports technical officers out-posted at RAF in the implementation of the FAO Gender and Development Plan of Action.
  • Ensures, in collaboration with its HQ-based Division and the decentralised structures, the technical quality of the field programme in its field of competence through appraisal of field projects, identification of programmes and projects, formulation and backstopping of projects, assessing their impact on gender equality and rural population empowerment and clearance of technical and terminal reports.  



Ms. Diana Tempelman
Senior Gender & Development Officer
FAO Regional Office for Africa
P.O. Box 1628
Tel: +233 30 2675000 ext. 4040
Fax: +233 30 2668427