Regional Office


 for Africa (RAF)



Information and Knowledge Management

WAICENT exhibition stand at 25th FAO Regional Conference for Africa, Nairobi, Kenya, 2008

The Regional Office for Africa (RAF) focuses its information and knowledge management and exchange activities on enhancing FAO member countries' access to scientific and technical information on innovation in agricultural development and sustainable natural resource management in Africa, and on providing technical assistance, training and policy advice to member countries for improved information management and knowledge exchange in the Africa. RAF also works on enhancing FAO’s role as a knowledge organization and on building national capacities to access FAO’s knowledge and information resources. Principal areas of work include:



Justin Chisenga
Knowledge and Information Management Officer
Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)
Regional Office for Africa
2nd Gamel Abdul Nasser Road
P.O. Box GP 1628
Accra, Ghana
Tel.: +233 30 2675000 Ext. 2106
Fax: +233 30 2668497 / 7010943