Regional Office


 for Africa (RAF)



Policy Assistance

Ms. Louise Setshwaelo FAOR Nigeria speaks at FAO Policy Learning Seminar hosted at FAO Headquarters, Rome, November 2011

The Regional Office for Africa works in partnership with Member States, regional economic communities and economic actors in formulating, implementing and monitoring policies and programmes for improved performance of the agri-food system.

Policy assistance in the region is guided by the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP) which provides the primary planning framework for FAO’s work with Member States and regional partners such as NEPAD and the Africa Union.

The Regional Office plays a facilitative role in coordinating FAO policy activities with sub regional offices led by country programme priorities.

Enhancing policy dialogue and learning between development partners at all stages of the policy processes is an important part of RAFs work in addition to capacity building of public institutions involved in policy design and implementation.

Food Prices – From Crisis to Stability


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