Regional Office


 for Africa (RAF)



Rural Employment

FAO aims to promote decent, safe, stable and remunerative employment for poor agricultural and rural producers, within the overarching goal of promoting sustainable agriculture and rural development (SARD) to enhance rural livelihoods and equity. Rural employment is a key to poverty reduction as labour is often the only asset poor people own. The eradication of child labour – as defined by the International Labour Organization- in agriculture is part of FAO’s rural employment efforts as child labour is harmful for children and reduces wages and productivity. FAO’s work on rural employment is done within the framework of a Memorandum of Understanding between de FAO and the International Labour Organization (ILO) and a Declaration of Intent on Cooperation on Child Labour in Agriculture, signed by FAO, ILO, IFAD, IFAP, IFPRI/CGIAR and IUF.

RAF’s current main activities in the field of rural employment include the following:

  • Collection of country specific data on prevalence and determinants of Child Labour in agriculture. Currently, RAF is involved in the supervision and monitoring of a study on Child Labour in agriculture in Ghana, which is being undertaken in collaboration with Humboldt University Berlin in 2008.
  • Assistance to the implementation of agricultural and life skills programmes for rural youth and children that prevent child labour and promote youth employment, such as Junior Farmer Field and Life Schools (JFFLS). Guidelines will be developed and a pilot projects  in several African countries are planned for 2009.

More information on Rural Employment as well as the agreements mentioned above, can be found on the joint FAO-ILO website.



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