Regional Office


 for Africa (RAF)



Trade and Markets

The core elements retained for current RAF trade related work programme aims at:

  • Contributing to the conduct of case studies in selected African countries with the view of examining the possible impacts of foreign direct investment (FDI) and particularly agricultural investments by the oil exporting countries in the gulf in African agriculture.
  • Undertaking a study evaluating the extent of application of regional tariff measures and the impact of agricultural non-tariff barriers to intra and extra trade in selected ECOWAS, CEMAC, EAC and COMESA countries with the view of preparing for expansion of intra-regional trade and initiating the construction of African common markets in selected African strategic food products (rice, maize, cassava, cattle/meat) in targeted African sub regions.
  • Investigating the possible impacts of the terms of proposed interim EPAs under negotiations on selected African developing countries (côte d’ivoire, Ghana).
  • Examining the effectiveness of selected trade related measures on intra regional African food trade and prices as enforced in the context of the recent soaring of food, input and energy prices.