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FAO Regional Office for Africa


Are the issues of hunger, human rights and development your passion? Then you may be interested in working for FAO.

Human resources are essential to FAO. The Organization employs more than 1800 Professional staff (including Associate Professional Officers and National Professional Officers) and over 1800 support staff.

FAO operates through five Regional Offices, ten Sub-regional Offices, six Liaison Offices and 74 Country Offices, in addition to its Headquarters in Rome.

Vacancies at FAO Offices in Africa

TitleTypeGradeDuty StationIRC NumberDeadline
GEOSPATIAL CONSULTANTConsultant Rome, ItalyIRC4916 1511996400
Human Resources OfficerProfessionalP4UnidentifiedIRC50621511996400
Field Monitor and Coordination Support Officer National Project Post  IRC50921512428400
Internship - FAO Regional Office for Africa (RAF)Internship Programme MultipleIRC44331514674800
Fellows - FAO Regional, Sub-regional, Country Offices or Headquarters Fellowship Programme MultipleIRC44381514674800
Volunteer - FAO Regional Office for Africa (RAF) and countries under RAFVolunteer Programme MultipleIRC44421514674800