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FAO Regional Office for Africa

Worldwide experiences and best practices for FAW management in Africa

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nation (FAO) organizes a South-South Cooperation Fall Amyworm (FAW) Expert Technical Meeting on the theme Worldwide Experiences and Best Practices for FAW Management in Africa. The meeting will be held in Accra, Ghana, from 18th to 20th July, 2017.

Fall Armyworm (FAW) has invaded and rapidly spread across many countries of Africa. The worm is damaging crops, especially maize across the continent and has the potential to cause significant yield losses. The pest is native to the Americas, where farmers and researchers have been managing and studying it for many years.

FAW was first detected in Central and Western Africa in early 2016 (Benin, Nigeria, Sao Tome and Principe, and Togo) and in late 2016 in Southern Africa. In 2017, it has been detected in Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Ghana and it is expected to go farther.

This FAW meeting will assemble more than 10 experts from Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, the United States of America, United Kingdom and a number of African Experts, to present and discuss FAW management practices and recommendations for Africa.

While the socio-economic context and production systems are quite different, much of the basic information about FAW biology, ecology, natural control and pesticide use is relevant to FAW management in Africa. The 3-day meeting will discuss and make recommendations related to them and their benefit to rural communities. In addition, the information and background provided will be used to design activities for Farmers Field School Community approach.

A report will subsequently be prepared and used for the finalization of FAO’s FAW Management Programme in Africa.


What:Fall Armyworm Expert Technical Meeting

When: Tuesday, 18-20 July, 2017, at 9:00. 

Where: Kempinsky Hotel, Accra, Ghana

Who: (Key speakers) Mr. Bukar Tijani, FAO Assistant Director-General and Regional Representative for Africa, Accra; Mr. Hans Dreyer, FAO Director, Plant Production and Protection Division, Rome-Italy