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FAO Regional Office for Africa

Eastern Africa Parliamentarian dialogue on Food and Nutrition Security, Kigali

The event will take place in Kigali on 21-22 November 2017.

The meeting will converge Parliamentarians from committees or networks on Agriculture, Committee on Health, and Women/Gender committee from the Eastern Africa region. 

The objectives of the meeting are: 

-Enhance the understanding of parliamentarians of issues related the right to food, nutrition and importance of school feeding

-Increased MPs self-awareness of their role to helping reduce malnutrition rates, stimulate exchange of knowledge, opinions and experiences on strategies and tools parliamentarians can leverage to strengthen policy and legislative frameworks for the enforcement of the right to adequate food and nutrition security.

-Articulate an Eastern Africa perspective on priority parliamentary actions and strategies and tools needed to accelerate achievement of nutrition related SDGs and CAADP commitments 

Expected outcomes

A better understanding and self-awareness of the role of parliamentarians in addressing  issues related to the right to food, food insecurity, nutrition and school feeding

A list of priority actions and strategies and tools to strengthen Parliamentarian contribution to the fight against food insecurity and malnutrition in Eastern Africa

A declaration of statements of that each participant will recommend to their national parliaments and constituents to advance progress towards meeting global maternal and child nutrition targets.