Regional Office


 for Africa (RAF)



RAF Library

The Regional Office for Africa Library was established in the early 1950's with specific objectives which include the following:

  • providing essential information, data and reference for the work of FAO Regional staff.
  • furnishing information and data on the Organization's activities, especially on FAO's executed projects in the countries of the region concerned, to government officials, agricultural institutions, etc
  • assisting FAO's field staff to have access to source material and data beyond their immediate reach.
  • assisting bona fide and qualified users seeking information on FAO activities.

Bona fide and qualified users using the Library include FAO consultants, undergraduate and post-graduate students from universities in Ghana, researchers, and officers from the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, and related ministries, commissions and agencies, i.e. Ministry of Fisheries, Land Commission, Forestry Commission, etc

Library Information Resources

RAF Library mainly provides access to the following two major categories of resources:

  • Information materials, mainly FAO publications including annual statistics on production and trade, forestry, fishery year books, and State of Food and Agriculture; copies of reports presented by FAO and RAF experts in their specialized fields, and a collection of technical periodicals in FAO fields of interest.
  • A Virtual Library made up of more than 30 online databases providing access to bibliographic and full-text documents. Some databases are available only to FAO staff and others to both FAO staff and external library users.

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday - 7.30 a.m. - 4.15 p.m.


Contact: Justin Chisenga, Knowledge and Information Management Officer at