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FAO, Ghana and Ethiopia team up to enhance agricultural mechanization

Making South-South Cooperation concrete with study tour

28 October 2016, Accra – A nine-man delegation of Ethiopian experts  representative of the governmental services and led by Tesfaye Mengistie Dore, Director General, Extension Directorate of the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources, conducted a week-long study visit to Ghana as part of the FAO Regional Initiatives programme to promote knowledge exchange and information sharing among countries within the framework of the South–South Cooperation.

In a meeting with the delegation, Bukar Tijani, Assistant Director-General/Regional Representative for Africa, emphasized the importance of focusing on agriculture and value chain mechanization and recommended that the team visit other intermediate countries to learn from their experiences.

The delegation underscored the importance of dialogue with the government in order to intensify the agricultural mechanization system. Tesfaye Mengistie Dore pointed out that this could be possible through the establishment of a youth cooperative that should be encouraged to engage in delivering agricultural mechanization services.

“The team is going back with new knowledge and understanding that agricultural mechanization is more than planting and harvesting, it also involves processing, packaging and marketing of the agricultural products, which is key”, he said.

The team benefitted from Ghanaian counterparts' first-hand experience on best practices in agricultural mechanization including animal traction, tractor based mechanization, intermediate mechanization (hand tractors) and post-harvest mechanized equipment.

Knowledge exchange

During the five day-visit, the delegation travelled to the Volta Region of Ghana where they witnessed the role the government is playing in implementing agricultural mechanization policies, especially in the public private partnerships (PPP), which creates a conducive environment for the farmers who are the end users.

The team visited some agro-processing companies where they witnessed rice separation off the husk and grading by its quality. They also visited a small and medium scale company involved in processing and packaging of agricultural products where they interacted with private tractor owners and service providers.

The Ethiopian visitors praised the country’s efforts in agriculture saying: “We can say that all our expectations for this visit are met, and we take home the successful experiences from Ghana on a comprehensive and integrated agricultural mechanization””

The visit, supported by the Africa Solidarity Trust Fund, an Africa-led fund to improve agriculture and food security across the continent, aimed to exchange knowledge, share best practices and build networks among African countries.


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