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Sustainable production intensification 

The proposed initiative aims to build on on-going promotion of best practices of principles of on-farm and off-farm production and post-production processes while addressing the need to create decent rural employment, especially for young people, that result in safe and healthy food, taking into account economic, social and environmental sustainability.

Sustainable production intensification and commercialization through integrated management of agricultural landscapes

Areas of operations

Attracting the youth and more inclusive and proactive participation of women is crucial for sustainable green growth of the agricultural sector. In addition, of great importance for this realization is the wider adoption of Climate-Smart Agriculture across the landscape. Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) is key for addressing simultaneously three intertwined challenges: ensuring food security through increased productivity and income, adaptation to climate change and mitigation where possible.


The enhancement of integrated production and productivity for agriculture and natural resources at major landscape levels reflecting strong focus on its activities directly linked to the Regional Priorities and Strategic Objectives 2, 3 and 4.

Expected results

Closing the production gap and hence the expressed priority for increased production and productivity for the crops, livestock, forestry, aquaculture and fisheries sectors by most countries in the region.

The Initiative will look at opportunities for development of the value chain to generate employment and increase income, thereby encouraging more investment in production.