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Gambian Government Pledges $3million to develop Aquaculture

The President of the Republic of The Gambia H.E Sheikh Prof. Alhaji Yahya Jammeh has pledged three million US dollars ($3million) for the up-scaling and replication of the FAO-TCP aquaculture project in Gambia.

The Aquaculture concept is being introduced for the first time in The Gambia by FAO.

The President made this announcement after meeting with the Fish Farmers Association in Brikamaba Central River Region of Gambia.

He expressed great appreciation to FAO for demonstrating Gambia’s potential for Inland aquaculture.

The Membership of the Fish Farmers Association presented the President with fish stock harvested from FAO Aquaculture TCP Project.

The President further requested for the collaboration between FAO and the Gambian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to explore the possibility of introducing a specie of the Brazilian Tilapia into  River Gambia. 

Meanwhile, the Gambian Ministry of Fisheries has made available additional land for project upscale activities.  FAO has since deployed project experts to commence construction of more ponds in that area.