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First six countries to benefit from Africa-led fund

28 March 2014, Tunis - A unique, Africa-led fund designed to improve food security across the continent has become a reality for the first six countries slated to benefit from...

28 March 2014
La jeunesse africaine, facteur clé pour relancer l'économie agricole

27 mars 2014, Tunis - Il est fondamental d'insérer davantage de jeunes Africains dans l'agriculture et de renforcer le soutien aux agriculteurs familiaux vulnérables de la région pour améliorer la...

27 March 2014
Africa’s youth key to strengthening agricultural economy

27 March 2014, Tunis - Getting more African youth involved in agriculture and boosting support for the region's vulnerable family farmers will be pivotal to improving food security and economic...

27 March 2014
FAO calls for action to accelerate economic transformation and development in Africa

24 March 2014, Tunis - Despite important economic progress and agricultural successes, Africa remains the world’s most food insecure continent, with relatively low levels of agricultural productivity, low rural incomes,...

24 March 2014
Building resilience for food security in Africa

21 March 2014, Accra/Tunis – In the last two decades Africa has been faced with recurrent food security crises. The combined effects of drought, high food prices, conflict, displacement and...

21 March 2014