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FAO launches new satellite-based data on forest resources on the International Day of Forests

21 March, 2014, Rome  -  New data released on the occasion of the International Day of Forests confirm that forest areas continue to decline globally, with the biggest losses of...

21 March 2014
Civil Society Organizations discuss contributions to the 28th FAO Regional Conference for Africa

21 March 2014, Tunis – A meeting of more than 50 representatives of international, regional and national Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) based in Africa opened in Tunis today to discuss...

21 March 2014
Consolider la résilience pour la sécurité alimentaire en Afrique

21 mars 2014, Accra/Tunis – Durant les deux dernières décennies, l’Afrique a été confrontée à des crises de sécurité alimentaire récurrentes. Les effets combinés de la famine et du changement...

21 March 2014
Engaging youth in community-based livestock health services

20 March 2014,Ouganda, East Africa - Peter Longole describes life a few years ago as unbearable. “I could hardly provide for my family. Life as a Karacuna – youth warrior –...

20 March 2014
FAO calls for renewed partnership to transform African agriculture and to end hunger by 2025

20 March 2014, Addis-Ababa/Tunis - In 2003, at the African Union (AU) summit in Maputo, African leaders made bold commitments to support agriculture: pledging to allocate at least 10 percent...

20 March 2014