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Transformation of food systems needed for better nutrition

13 November 2013, Rome - Severe nutrition problems afflict more than half the world's population and food systems will need to undergo significant changes to improve people's diets and lives,...

13 November 2013
Sound water management key to building resilience in Africa’s Sahel

31 October 2013, Dakar - Sound water management holds the key to building resilience in Africa's Sahel and can free rural communities from the vicious cycle of weather-related food security...

31 October 2013
African countries agree to curb illegal timber trade in the Congo Basin

23 October 2013, Brazzaville/Rome - Governments from Africa's main timber producing  countries, together with timber industry representatives and civil society organizations agreed to jointly combat illegal timber trade in the...

23 October 2013
Call for better food systems to fight hunger and malnutrition

16 October 2013, Rome - Better food systems are required in order to defeat hunger and malnutrition around the globe was the key message coming from the observance of World...

16 October 2013
Four million people food insecure in Madagascar

9 October 2013, Rome - As many as 4 million people in rural areas of Madagascar are food insecure following this year's reduced harvest. Production of rice – the Indian...

09 October 2013